Italian Restaurant & Bar District


  Giovanni Tamburrini (Co-founder and CEO)

Italian, born on 25/05/1982.

Languages: Italian, English, Spanish, Portuguese, French.

After having spent most of his life in the academic field as legal scholar for business schools, Giovanni thought the moment to stop (at least for a while) researching and teaching had arrived. His passion for food and a noticeable service mind led him to opt for Brera restaurant as hise first entrepreneurial venture. He is certified cheese-maker.

Giovanni looks after Brera's general management, mostly focusing on marketing, menu development and customers' fidelization.

  Flavia Severino (Head Chef)

  Brazilian-Italian, born on 12/05/1981

  Languages: Italian, English, Spanish, Portuguese.

   Before getting involved in the kitchen, Flavia has worked as team building trainer for an International company. During her several business trips, she has had the chance to come across different foods, flavors and eating habits, increasing her curiosity towards the culinary arts. Backed by the secrets inherited from her South Italian granny, she took professional courses specializing in fresh pastas, street food and desserts. She is also certified cheese-maker.

Flavia is responsible for the correct functioning of the kitchen and for the quality control.