Italian Restaurant & Bar District


Brera was established on the basis of unviolable principles, values and policies. The first, Happiness and Excellence, set the general boarders which every single action and decision taken by Brera must fall within. The second (3 to 6) express and define Brera's own beliefs, representing a bridge between the first and the policies (7 to 11), that is the rules through which Brera's activities are implemented.

  1. Happiness. Brera’s ultimate goal is the happiness of all the stakeholders, in primis its customers.
    Brera regards the realization of profits as the means to achieve the superior end of happiness. This sets the business aside from others, where the profit maximization is traditionally regarded as the guiding principle of business decisions.
  2. Excellence. At Brera, products and services are provided only if they match the highest level of quality.
  3. Respect. The very diverse customers' body, in terms of nationality and race, Brera deals with creates a unique environment where each culture is prompted to feature its full expression.
  4. Transparency. Brera believes in the complete disclosure of anything the customer is expected to know about their eating /drinking experiences, set aside the trade secrets.
  5. Kindness. Brera’ staff regards good manners as a crucial element of the overall customers’ experience.The interactions with the staff are meant to establish relationships of reciprocal trust and loyalty, resulting in an enjoyable feeling of reliability.
  6. Authenticity. Closely related to the Brera's mission, products and services strictly follow the Italian tradition, sometimes updated and integrated by International trends just as it happens in Brera, district of Milan.
  7. No upselling. While recommendations and help for the choice of menu items are happily provided, staff will not undermine customers’ comfort by pushing them to purchase something they had not planned to purchase.
  8. < 15. No regular item of the menu will cost more than 15,000 won. This rule is subject to adjustments due to inflation.
  9. Feedback reviews. Brera’ staff is keen to read or listen to customers feedback in order to improve the delivery of the experience.
  10. In store-made production. Brera’ staff avoids as much as possible to buy products processed by the large industry, opting rather for a production on the premises. This allows to skip importation costs – resulting in a more convenient final price – as well as to serve food and drinks free of any chemical additive.
  11. No like no pay. Brera will not charge for dishes and drinks that resulted unedible or anyhow flawed.