Italian Restaurant & Bar District

Kitchen Concept

During a students' party, one guy from Rome met a guy from Reggio Calabria for the first time. Their conversation ended up on food habits.

"So, is there any remarkable restaurant in your home town?" asked the Roman guy.

"Mmm...not really or not that I know. In the South we do not really eat outside: we get or harvest our own products and our grandmothers cook them for us. There is no reason to pick up a restaurant, unless that day your grandmother is sick and tired".

What happens in the South is actually what happens on the whole Italian territory, the difference probably being metropolitan grandmothers get sick and tired more often than those living in the province.

Brera's kitchen concept reflects exactly that of an Italian grandmother-run kitchen: simple, honest and with the freshest ingredients. The onions are peeled and cut in-house, the tomatoes are cooked when the order is placed and the meats composing the sausages are chosen and grounded by our chefs. In other words, when eating at Brera, you don't feel like eating in a restaurant; rather, you feel like being the guest of an Italian friend of yours.