Message from the CEO Giovanni Tamburrini

Dear All, as CEO and founder of the restaurant, I took the establishment of a unique corporate culture or identity seriously. I still think that this has been the key of the success and, for this reason, I decided to use this message to spend very few words about it. Brera is a “cool or fun” organization from several perspectives: it is flexible as to welcome any request from you guys and to provide a customized care; it practices fair prices to guarantee excellent food no matter your social status; it is labor-friendly, which means it is a self-run restaurant by employees themselves; it values personal relationships over the sheer purchase of food and drinks; it promotes education and embraces diversity; it has a quest for innovation and for perfection; it is casual and easy going but has no complex of inferiority against the bigger and fancier competitors; many other aspects that make Brera different you guys might know better than me. I am so glad to see many of you visiting the premises on such a regular basis and, please, should your experience be not perfect, please do not hesitate to contact me personally and I’ll find a way to make it up!