When Il Gattino came to Haebangchon I was as happy as a clam, their wonderful home made Italian food was the real deal and just what our neighborhood had been longing for. They were a massive hit straight off the bat, thanks to their fabulous food and the friendly and welcoming atmosphere that owner Giovanni provided.

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The Italian Chamber of Commerce in Korea runs an Italian Food Festival every May, with a dozen participating restaurants around the city producing special menus to reflect the diverse cuisine of that nation. Apparently. My concerns are more simple; where can I stuff my face with good, fresh pasta in Seoul without having to search for strands of spaghetti in a sea of “pink” sauce and mortgage all my possessions to afford the bill?

Fortunately, Brera is to the rescue.

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Most brunches in the city follow the standard playbook of Eggs Benedict, sandwiches and overpriced salads, but at Italian restaurant Brera, near Beotigogae station on Seoul subway line 6, they do things a little differently. Although their focus remains firmly on pasta and pizza, they also offer an everyday brunch menu to help you ease yourself gently into these warm summer days.

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There are a number of places which pop up time and time again on the Seoul Restaurant Buzz Facebook page (*ahem* M n’ M*ahem*).  An Italian restaurant just outside Itaewon near Beotigogae Station seems to get a lot of action, too.  Don’t get me wrong, they’re good.  More often than not I find these places to be quite overrated, however.  The over-saturation and line buying (*cough* BP *cough*) make me feel less inclined to give them a try.  I’ve heard about Brera over and over again.

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Jung District in the heart of Seoul is not only home to various exciting attractions such as Deoksugung Palace, the vibrant shopping areas of Myeongdong and Namsan Tower, it is also filled with some of the best restaurants in the city.

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Brera’s simple, well-made food at very reasonable prices has already won over a dedicated fan base after opening early this year. With the quality they serve, it’s a steal—chefs Savino Sguera, Flavia Severino and Augustin Entratico make all of the pasta fresh in-house as well as true, Roman-style pizza with a crunchy, flaky crust. Giovanni is from Rome, but has one grandmother from Bologna and another from Campania. Maybe most grandmothers don’t make fresh pasta every day, he admits, but on Sundays or special occasions they would pull out the stops.

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South Korean capital Seoul is one of Earth’s busiest cities, with a massive population and huge volumes of business and tourism traffic. If you’re in Seoul on business, dining out is a case of foodie heaven on earth…

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Un modo per conoscere un paese? La sua cucina. E allora, cosa abbiamo fatto per saperne di più della Corea del Sud? Abbiamo cercato chi, italiano, ha aperto un ristorante a Seul. Giovanni Tamburrini ha aperto il suo Brera quasi per caso, arrivando in Corea per studio e lavoro. «Voleva essere una rivisitazione del classico ‘chiosco al mare’, poco formale e molto casual: è stato un successo e così è diventato un vero lavoro…

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