Italian Restaurant & Bar District


Our story

Perceiving the need for simple and genuine Italian cuisine in the Seoul restaurant scene, a foursome of Italian guys thought the time was ripe to dispel the myth of Italian cuisine as fine dining.

Thus, together with a party of foreigners, mostly from the US and Korea, they decided to reproduce the concept of Brera, a district of Milan, where Italian tradition has been constantly upgraded by and integrated with the latest international trends.

The mission

Naming their joint after this neighborhood, they created a unique   concept, aimed at providing a 360° Contemporary Italian Hospitality Experience. Divided in sub-teams according to competence, Brera’ staff guarantees the best of the following:

Italian Coffees
Home Grandmother Style Italian Food
European Brunch
American Whiskey Bar
Fun, Entertainment and Education

Beyond the mission

Brera provides its clientele with memorable moments of happiness on top of the  sheer enjoyment of quality food and drinks. An extremely friendly staff does its best to develop a sweet awareness of belonging to the Brera’s family, where there are no strangers- only people you have not met yet. Whether you show up for a quick coffee or craft whiskey cocktail,a business lunch or a date dinner, at Brera you will always breathe a super sociable atmosphere which turns your experience into an unforgettable memory.